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GO CLIP Magnetic Earbud Organizer (Patent pending)

We wanted an earbud organizer that is easy to use and stays attached to the earbud so you don't have to look for it when you need it.  We searched all over the web and were unable to find anything that met our needs.  So, we decided to create our own version!

Introducing the GO CLIP.

We took a simplistic approach, and designed the GO CLIP to be exactly what you need...nothing more and nothing less. It stays on the earbud, always there when you need it. The clip uses magnets to secure itself so you won’t break a sweat.

The GO CLIP is compatible with the iPhone® 5, iPod® Touch [5th Gen], iPod® Nano [7th Gen] and newer model earbuds.   

How do we know it works? Just watch the videos below and see for yourself!

GO CLIP..... Leave the Mess Behind.....

GO CLIP in everyday use

Complete Cord Management

GO CLIP Prototype Testing

Rotation Test

This was how we tested the first prototype.  The first prototype housed a smaller magnet and was only compatible with the 3.5mm audio jack. 

The current GO CLIP is a huge improvement over the prototype with a much stronger magnet and accepts both 3.5mm and lighting port audio connector.